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Foundations Gardens
Spring Summer Autumn Winter Plant selections
Late blooming Camellias sasanqua screening!
Shadows are interesting in the winter garden.
Daphne with fragrant blooms in February.
Structure. Form. Texture.
Autumn Fern is a favorite in the winter garden.
The evergreen foliage of gardenia and Indian Hawthorne create balance with the Sioux Crepe Myrtle.
Garden details add beauty in all seasons.
Neat and balanced.
Magnolia grandiflora.
Crepe myrtle Tonto adds architectural beauty in perfect scale.
This dry laid stone patio was sited to enjoy the view and planted with boxwoods for simplicity and form.
Approach from the drive with winter interest.
Saucer Magnolia.
Daphne Marianni foliage.
Witch Hazel
Just completed. New paver walk, retaining wall and plantings. Spirea Doozie still with fall foliage color.
Beeches are defined by marcescent leaves in winter and illuminate at golden hour.
Nandina Lemon Lime
Red Maple flowers for the early pollinators.
Holly Needlepoint.
A bright January day.
The structure of trees are appreciated in the afternoon light.
Soft approach.
Sculpture adds weight and a focal point.