Massing plants adds impact.

Textural contrast and foliage color are integrated in the design process.

Designing plants that work together are my specialty.

The sweet fragrance of gardenias highlight this front entrance.

Garden statuary placement makes an impact!

A garden around the front door makes your house a home.

Trees add impact.


Plants that bloom at the same time make spring glorious.


Side gardens can become a get away destination. The azaleas are blooming here in April.

After. New life to an old home!


The walk to the mailbox is through the front garden.


Many azaleas peak in late April.

Every space around the house is a possible garden.

Clean garden design compliments an old farm house along with the new stone walkway.

I can create spaces for you to dine alfresco.

Small city gardens make porch time a pleasure.

May garden.

Your entry should reflect your personality with a hint of what will be seen on the inside.

A lovely wall fountain adds sound to soften street noise.

Early morning is a very special time for a garden walk.

A patterned bluestone patio extends the outdoor living area beautifully.

Late flowering azaleas are perfect at this front door with evergreen perennials.

Restraint in the garden can create quiet calm.

Nature is all around you but you sometimes your have to look close to see the gifts.

Your home should be a relaxing retreat.

The afternoon light in a shade garden can be magical.

This shady median strip is a lovely spring garden.