Brick step details.

Patterned bluestone.

Patterned bluestone.

Newline cast steps are the solution and plantings to stabilize the slope.

Dry creek bed with brownstone.

Brick retaining walls, steps, and a new deck!

Stepping stones.

New brick steps and retaining walls.

Bluestone rectangular pavers and new garden.

Dry stacked wall.

Patterned Bluestone in mortar.

Garden shade! 10' x 10' garden structure and paver patio.


Newline pavers in an I pattern granite color.

Newline paver walk.

Patterned Bluestone walk.

Paver patio.

Stepping stones.

Faced culvert walls with bluestone caps.


Sherando buff.








Brick pavers.





Circle pavers kit.


With new walk, patio and garden.