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My clients have written to express their gratitude and enjoyment of their new landscaping.  

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"Monit spends a lot of time working with the client enabling her to create not the just the landscaping but to design an environment made of beautiful gardens to enjoy with seasonal interest. She is very sensitive to the needs of the client before and after the job. We continue to meet annually just to address any areas that need adjustments or plan new areas so, yes, we would highly recommend and rehire."                        



"Monit has great vision!! She changed our backyard into a scenic retreat for the entire family. From garden paths, bed placement, plantings, structures..............she knows how to design in order to make each area important! Monit offered wonderful suggestions for perennials. A job well done!"                           



"We have worked with Monit for years and we're always impressed with her ability to design spaces that fit her clients well. She really spends the time it takes to understand them as people and design gardens that they love. Illuminating her work is always a pleasure!"                                                        

Inaray Design Group


"Monit will work closely with you to create the type of landscape that will please you. She takes the time to get to know your preferences and together you will develop a plan tailored to your unique tastes. The plans she puts on paper are like works of art, I plan to frame mine. She will oversee all of the work that is done and will be in contact with you every step of the way. Her goal is your satisfaction. I highly recommend Monit."

Beth Hewitt



"My husband and I hired Monit to transform our back, side and front yards. We had struggled with our yard for years and finally decided to invest in a professional which was one of the best decisions we ever made for our home. Monit did a tremendous job! She designed a beautiful landscape plan that captured our desires, complimented our home, and ended up looking like it had always been there. She was insightful, creative, and a joy to work with.......They installed our new walkways, patio, and plantings. The job was completed in a timely manner and on budget. Everyone involved in this project was a top-notch professional and we could not be more pleased with the amazing result".                                                                                   




"I have had the pleasure of working with Monit on projects for both our Richmond home and our vacation home. Not only have her designs been beautiful, but the plants she selected have thrived in their respective locations. Some of our projects are over ten years old now and the plants have performed just as expected. Monit has a terrific relationship with her subcontractors and the projects have come together on-time and within budget. Several of our projects have included the use of stone borders and they look the same now as when they were installed. Monit is passionate about her work and will tackle your project like it's her own backyard...."      

Craig Bram



"Monit has landscaped the yards at two houses for us. She pays enormous attention to detail, including what will best fit the character of the house and landscape, what plants will thrive, and what will work with our color preferences. Both yards just get lovelier with each year. Her work is awesome, and we would highly recommend her!!!"                                                                     




"Monit took a blank yard and created a showcase! She did the design and then had a wonderful staff that made the design come to life. Her work greatly improved the value of the property and it makes us happy each day! We could never have done this without her help! 
We highly recommend her!

Katie Smithdog



"We have hired Gardens by Monit many times and are always impressed. Monit creates unique plans and is there through every step to implement them. I am listing the most recent project date but we have completed several projects."                                                                        




"We chose Monit based on a friend's recommendation and based on her knowledge, education, and work experience. In creating her master plan for our yard, she took into consideration favorite colors, plants, times of year as well as how to make the project blend in with the neighbor's landscaping. We went into this landscaping project rather quickly and without any idea of typical landscaping costs, so we really didn't talk about budgets. She was, however, very thoughtful about what would be practical, yet accomplish the same effect.....Monit really cares about creating a beautiful and enjoyable environment for her clients. We would recommend her services. "

Valerie Calhoun



I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how often I think of you! Not a single day goes by that I don't admire and enjoy our new backyard. It is so beautiful, and all because of your design. The "Taylor's perfection pink" camellia is starting to bloom now. The Helleborus are stunning and the sweet box smell delicious. I just love it, love it, love it! And things just get better as the weather gets warmer.

The beauty you create continues to give so much pleasure!

Deborah. D., Near West End


Maybe you are asking yourself these questions?


I want to hire someone knowledgeable and experienced that is certified with the Virginia Society of Landscape Designers.

We are so pleased with the final product! We love the colors, the arrangement, and the mix of plants. All your attention to detail really made a difference. We decided to find a certified landscape designer to lead this project and we are grateful we found you.                       

Kristin S., West End



I have a blank slate and don't know where to start.

I wanted to let you know how pleased (we) are with the transformation of our backyard!  I just stood out there yesterday evening and was in awe - such a change from the bare box it had been all these years.  There is a definite artistry to what you do and we really appreciate it.

Rebecca F., Far West End



I have a vision but I do not know how to achieve it.

Once again, you have outdone yourself! You created exactly what I envisioned and I absolutely LOVE it! The guys, as always, did a great job, send them my thanks again. And as always, it was such fun working w/you.

Debbie B., Tappahannock



I think you are the only one who understands my yard and what I am looking for!! I Love your ideas!

Ellen Z., Midlothian



I am enjoying getting to know each and every planting in the meditation garden. I continue to appreciate your selection of woodland, herb, and screening plants.

Judy S., Northside



I need help on doing it right. Who do I hire to plant my garden?

Thank you! You were absolutely right-I love the way the plantings look and more importantly I love not feeling guilty about "coulda, shoulda, woulda" doing it myself. What an improvement! Thank you.

Joan R., South Richmond

We are so delighted with your new design for OUR garden. How fortunate could we be to have such a fine and talented group of gardeners creating this space for us to enjoy. We are deeply grateful.

Pat R., West End


This is the second time I have called upon your expert service and once again you transformed a new lifeless yard into a sactuary that we are enjoying immensely.  The guys did an excellent job of installing and everything is beautiful. I enjoyed working with you and you bring so much life not only in your design but as a person. Thanks so much.

Phyllis D., Goochland


I want plants that will work well together with color all year.

Throughout the entire process, we were both impressed and very pleased with Monit's knowledge, her applied use of it through imagination and creativity, the thoroughness of her planning, and her careful consideration to our preferences and objectives to be met within the project.
Frank B., Glen Allen

It is gorgeous. Your plant selections are just perfect and each complements the other.  How do you do that?

D. Davis, Near West End


As I went from nursery to nursery with my design plan in hand, I got a whole lot of comments about what a great design it was and several folks who know you who talked about what a gifted designer you are ~ I couldn't agree more!

Woodi S., Ashland


I stumbled upon your website late last night ... and I can't break away from it. You do amazing work. Absolutely beautiful.
D. M.



Our curb appeal needs a major makeover.

First let me tell you how much we have enjoyed the landscaping you did for us this spring. It has made the world of difference to the appearance of our home and I thank you. The complements we have gotten from people walking and driving by are countless.
Nicole B., West End




You are a miracle worker.
Jean H., Montpelier



I want to be part of the project and have input.

Monit didn't create a garden for us. She created an experience for and a relationship WITH us. She converted our landscaping desires into a masterpiece. We've never enjoyed our home more.                                                                                                                                                

John C., Midlothian


Thank you so much for all of your hard work. This transformation was one of the most exciting, rewarding and worthwhile projects I've ever been a part of! You were a delight to work with and I'd recommend you to anyone who needs help.

Teresa G., Henrico


Thoroughly enjoyed our time together talking about our garden plans!
Barbara K., Henrico



I want someone to design my garden and include my wish list of plants.

Our yard has been transformed beyond our greatest expectations. We were impressed with your ability to incorporate your ideas with the existing plants, create focal points, and use plants that we especially requested. The crews were hard working, professional gentlemen. Thank you again for the haven of tranquility and beauty that you've designed for us. I am grateful for your expertise and look forward to working with you again in the future.
Pat R., Henrico

Thanks so much for all your attention and responsiveness. The level of perennials vs. annuals is just what I wanted!
Robert A., Museum District



We want a low maintenance garden.

Thank you sooo much! It's really hard to believe the transformation! Honestly, I can't imagine how you could have designed a more perfect space for us. It is lovely but not pretentious or demanding and it is comfortable and easy flowing but structured enough that you can feel each plant was chosen with purpose. It's just so pretty that I find myself lost in thought as I look out my window while washing my dishes!

Teresa, West End

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