Monit Rosendale, VSLD  

Inspired design.  Landscape solutions.

Your personalized landscape design is a collaboration of your desires blended with my inspired vision. Together we will imprint your style into your new updated garden with beautiful results. I am passionate about creating beautiful garden spaces.


We start with an initial consultation at your home to help visualize the possibilities.  Then a thoughtful landscape plan can be created specific to your requests and the existing site conditions.


I coordinate the many details of the planting process with experienced crews giving you peace of mind for a job well executed and true to the design intent.


The entire process takes a great deal of thought and planning to execute wisely.  To accomodate crew schedules and plant deliveries, designs that are created during the summer could be scheduled for a fall planting. Designs that are created in the late fall and into winter could be planted in the spring season.   

We are working with Mother Nature, so rain delays should be anticipated.


On Site Consultation:  $175/hr.     8:00 am-5:00 pm

                                              (plus a travel fee outside the Richmond area)


  • Initial site assessment and discussion
  • Client questionnaire review
  • Initial ideas for bed design layout and plant suggestions
  • Relocation options of existing plants
  • Maintenance recommendations
  • Suggestions for location of structures, hardscaping, & garden ornaments
  • Scope of project & time frame                                                                                                     


Landscape Design :  Most designs start at $1,200 and up.


                                   Detailed total master plans start at $2,500  

                                   and up depending on the scope of the project.

                                   Plant photos and links to informational websites also offered.


  • INITIATED WITH A SIGNED CONTRACT AND PREPAYMENT                                  
  • Additional site assessment
  • Plant palette defined
  • Special requests honored (as possible)
  • Native plants, muti-season appeal, trees, shrubs, and perennials
  • Conceptual hardscape ideas
  • Plants selected for the presence of deer, rabbits, and voles! 
  • Creation of conceptual design that is to scale.
  • Coordination of installation proposal.

Garden Renovation:


  • Partnering with skilled, experienced landscape and hardscape contractors
  • The contract and guarantee is provided by the contractor
  • Bed lines are marked and plant layout is determined on site
  • Review of planting layout with you. ALWAYS.                                                                                


               Gardens by Monit, LLC         (804) 355-3444